Over the past few years of my career as a furniture and lighting designer, I have had the humbling opportunity to meet some of the most talented makers and artisans in the world. India as a place, a people and a mixture of cultures is known for its saturation of artisanal talent.

Experiencing this first hand by collaborating with the makers of India to design and develop unique products has been the highlight. This past year I joined forces with CK Thomas, a three generation company with a focus on artisan collaboration in India specifically. Moving beyond the silos of designing as a separate process from the maker, we have decided to do design differently.  The five piece INDIRA Collection launching tomorrow at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in Manhattan is my first home furnishings line highlighting bespoke furniture and lighting revitalizing ancient craftsmanship through contemporary design.

The INDIRA Collection was designed with a group of brass working artisans in Northern India known as Thatheras.  Each table and light is a celebration of the artisan, not designed in ignorance to them. With CK Thomas we are doing design differently by creating with the maker from the beginning. They are the DNA of these pieces. Contemporary design simply frames their work. We are connecting this ancient creative language with the contemporary luxury consumer in a fresh way.

Partnering with CK Thomas we have not only lifted artisan wages to where they need to be, but we also contribute an additional portion of our proceeds back to the Thathera community.  I am so excited to share this work with you all at www.ckthomas.com as well as www.jerrihody.us. Come by ICFF booth 176 and see the full collection.

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